About Me

My name's Charles Collyer and I am a Vfx (visual effects) Digital Compositor. I grew up around a lot of movies and the ones with visual effects were the ones that always stand out in my memory. I graduated from the Art Institue of Los Angeles with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Animation.

Right after college, I got my start from Volker Engel and Marc Weigert at Uncharted Territory and have been working as a compositor ever since. I love what I do and am always looking for ways to improve a shot. Every little detail can add to a shot, even if it's in a reflection. I love working toward as photo realistic work as possible, but stylization is also a major influence. Even though something may not be scientifically right, if it looks good and it helps tell the story by not disconnecting with the audience, then it's a successful shot. I continually strive to do my best at what I do and hope to provide visual effects for the your of today to be inspired someday.

Most recently I have been working as the vfx plate supervisor in New York for the tv show Limitless on CBS. The season is ending soon and I am looking forward to spending some time home as well as if we're going to get a second season.

In my spare time I like to sculpt and create art pieces. I also dabble in photography when I have time.


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Current work...

vfx plate supervisor for Limitless Season 01




Previous work includes...

Sleepy Hollow

South of Hell

more on my IMDB page